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Data Mining

Facebook, MSNBC, Google, social networking, etc…

Many sites today use data mining and activity monitoring to offer GOOD relevant information possible.

All off these sites use this tactic to improve only their own product.

WHat if we combined theses sites and used all data to offer the BEST relevant information.

Genieo is a news site that monitors ALL your web activity and gives you news updates that are relevant to your interests.

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Graphing Character Groups

Visual Representation


To visually represent our assumptions we wanted to create simple graphs to explain our simple concept.  How can a system connect people through core interests in an easy and accessible way?  People have levels of importance and levels of interest when it comes to accomplishing a designated activity or task. To discuss those levels, they must be placed in a grid.


An issue we noted in our app concept was that of privacy.  Some people don’t feel comfortable giving out their information to the world, especially their schedules.  We tried to develop systems in which the user could feel more comfortable by hiding the activities in their schedules.



Bucket List Experiments 

We posted up folders with blank sheets of paper in them asking for people to write their bucket lists.  There was a surprising turn out in a matter of 3 hours.  We had received over 100 bucket lists compiled over 4 different locations.  Our locations were directed towards different demographics. We placed a folder at a Starbucks on Thayer street, and at kennedy plaza in downtown Providence, RI. Those two folders were intended to gather bucket lists from adult demographics as opposed to setting up two other folders located at Brown and RISD cafeterias.  Those folders were directed towards the younger demographics.


•  Ran Experiment

    • Realized that demographic in Bucket Lists play a huge factor.
      • Differential in college students and Adults at Kennedy Plaza
      • Completely screwed with our idea of service.
  • Abundance of Data. 
    • 80 lists
    • Incredibly easy to differentiate between demographics
    • Lists were staggeringly different.
    • College students wanted to travel, go on thrill rides, and have a lot of sex.
    • Adults wanted to go back to school, support their children, and Live.


We were enthused to have had such a good response to the experiments. Upon looking at all of them at once we noticed how stark the difference was between each demographic of bucket lists emotionally.  This slideshow shows a few of the differences between the bucket lists.

We hadn’t expected such a drastic differential between the two.  The younger demographic that we directed our experiment towards were interested in skydiving, traveling and having sex.  These results were expected as that is what many of the bucket lists out there are today.  We noted that calling the experiment ‘Bucket Lists’ led to somewhat of a cliche interpretation.  Whereas, when we looked at the adult demographic, we noticed something completely different.  The ‘Bucket Lists’ were interpreted in a much more emotional sense.  Some of the lists include finding lost daughters and  paying for their kids tuition.  These are heavy emotional concepts that the younger demographic hadn’t grasped yet.  One man, Don, wrote on his list “try not to kill myself”.  This could of course be considered sarcastic, but in context could also be a very true statement.

All of our experiments up to that point had been thrown for a loop.

Bad BucketGood Bucket

Data Collection




We went out and asked people to share their “bucket lists”. Some of the participants shared dreams of travel and activities. Others shared personal goals they want to improve in their life.  We received close to 100 lists from all demographics.

pile of bucket


Strip to Core

At the beginning of such a project, one delves in head first as we did.  We as a team decided to step back and look at the bigger picture.  We wanted to strip the app down to it’s bare minimum.  The core of the app concept was based on connecting people through their interest lists. We collectively decided that the most concise wish list a person can have is a bucket list.