Quoda App

Final Board

      History:  Quoda is an app developed  by students in the RISD Systems and Urban Interactive Design special studio. We provide a service that allows a user to plug in their favorite interests, activities, and locations, and link that user with another on their network.  This leads to seamless organization of activities and interactions between users

Scenario:   Sometimes people are on the verge of doing a particular activity.  For instance, doing the groceries.  You could put it off another day, but what if your friend feels the same way. You don’t know that he wants to do his groceries at some point as well though.  Through push notifications, both users will be notified that saturday from 2-5 or thursday from 8-10, both users are free and can do the groceries together.

quoda06 Take another example. Say you’re part of the RISD Network, and you’re an ID student, and neither you nor 10 other students have been to the 20th Century Hall at the RISD Museum before.  You will be alerted that another ID student who shares the same interest in attending that exhibit would like to go and they are free at certain times.

Message:   Not only are we promoting interaction between friends, but we are attempting to power that last bit of energy that people lack when trying to accomplish a certain task.  Everyone loves to be lazy while their being lazy, but hates the fact that they were wasting valuable time when they could have been doing something they love.

Interaction Between Users:   Quoda is developed as a push notification system where the user is alerted.  After the user is alerted that there is a match, a text page pops up allowing the two users to chat about that activity.  They can discuss where to meet, what specific time they could potentially go, or speak about specific modes of transportation.